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We have a range of LEDVANCE UV lamps available in our online store. These are ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities due to their effective disinfecting properties.

Demand for germicidal UV-C light technology has exploded across all industries, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic has made us all more aware of the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Order your desired LEDVANCE UV lamp online today.


ledvance uv lamps


LEDVANCE UV-C lamps can be used to disinfect water, air and surfaces. Ultraviolet radiation, also known as UV, is divided into four ranges according to its wavelength. Light with a wavelength between 100 and 280 nanometres is classified as UV-C light. Since it is not naturally occurring, UV-C light is able to kill harmful viruses and bacteria in the air, on surfaces or in water.

UV-C lamps, such as those manufactured by LEDVANCE, have a number of benefits over other disinfection methods. They don’t require chemicals and toxic compounds, and they work quickly and effectively to render pathogens harmless in seconds.

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What our customers have to say…

“Ordered a UV lamp at 3.45 pm it arrived in Aberdeenshire next morning. The cost of the item was a fraction of what was on offer elsewhere. A technical query was answered by phone in a friendly and efficient manner.

I will most certainly be using this company again and would recommend it to anyone else.”


“I purchased a UV lamp from ELC. The price was great, delivery was superfast (next day) and the bulb was really well packaged so it arrived safely.
I’ll definitely be ordering from you again, thank you.”

“We cannot believe how fast our order arrived!!! Ordered a lighting bulb on Friday afternoon and it arrived Saturday morning in NE Scotland. We used this company after a long search for the UV bulb we needed and will file your details for the future. Thank you so much for an amazingly prompt service.”

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