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Swimming Pool Lights

The Entertainment Lighting Company specialises in all types of swimming pool lights.

We keep extensive stocks from all the main lamp manufacturers including BLV, GE Lighting, Light Tech, Osram, Philips, Radium and Sylvania. Underwater lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere, makes it possible to use the pool around the-clock and provides extra safety when swimming in the evening.

There are a number of different types of lamps which are used in swimming pool industry including Incandescent, Fibre Optic, Halogen, LED and Ultraviolet Lamps.

Some of the more popular swimming pool lamps that we can supply from stock are:

  • BLV MHR 150N Fibre Optic
  • BLV MHR 250N Fibre Optic
  • BLV Nepturian
  • GE 300PAR56 WFL 12v
  • Osram PAR 56 Wide Flood 300w 12v
  • Philips TUV 36 T5 4p-se
  • Philips TUV 36 T5 HO 4p-se
  • Philips TUV 130w XPT-SE Amalgam
  • Sylvania PAR 56 LED Fixed White
  • Sylvania PAR 56 LED RGB Multicolour
  • Sylvania PAR 56 12v 300w WFL

We can also supply our own brand LED pool lamps in White or Blue which have proved very popular with many of our trade customers involved in swimming pool maintenance and installation.

We also stock a wide variety of Ultraviolet lamps. UV disinfection has become an established method of water treatment for Swimming Pools, Hydro Pools, Spas, Splash Pads and Water Features, and is commonly used by some of the industry’s leading companies including ATG UV, Blue Lagoon, Certikin, Culligan, Hanovia, Thermalec and Triogen.

We also stock other consumables associated with the above lamps including O-Rings, Quartz Sleeves and the Remotes & Receivers for LED – RGB lamps. Customers looking for a same day collection are welcome to visit us at our Trade Counter which is open between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm. Please check stocks prior to arrival.

If you have a question about swimming pool lights and need to speak to an expert, please call 020 8643 9084 or use our enquiry form.

What our customers have to say…

“I only use this company once a year, I get treated like a regular customer One phone call and the items is delivered next day at a very good price compared to buying local, I cannot find any faults I only wish everything else was this easy, I have been using them for 3 Years.”

“We’ve been using ELC for about 8 years, we’ve always had excellent service and prices, even their packing and carriage charges are the cheapest of all our suppliers and yet their products are the most delicate – Great company!”

“First class with regards to price, speed of response and delivery.Product (a uv light bulb) was very well packed . No complaints and will use again.”

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