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Stage Lighting

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Stage Lighting. At The Entertainment Lighting Company, we have an extensive range of genuine branded Stage and Studio Lamps from top quality manufacturers such as Arri, Barco, CCT Lighting, Clay Paky, Dedolight, ETC, Filmgear, GE Lighting, Ianiro, James Thomas Engineering, Lowel, Martin Professional, Osram, Philips Lighting, Philips Selecon, Photon Beard, Radium, Robe Lighting, Robert Juliat, Strand Lighting, Sylvania and Ushio.

We stock the following types of Stage and Studio Lamps:
A1 Class Projector lamps
ANSI Class
Blacklight Blue lamps
Blonde lamps
Blue Pinch Lamps
CP Class lamps
Spacelight lamps
T Class lamps
Daylight lamps
Enlarger lamps
Flash Modelling lamps
Flourescent Daylight lamps
Redhead lamps
Studio lamps
GE CSD lamps
GE CSR lamps
GE CSS lamps
Gooseneck lamps
HPL Source Four lamps
IDE lamps
K Class Linear lamps
Northlight lamps
Pygmy Safe lamps
Osram Sirius lamps
Osram HMI lamps
Osram HTI lamps
P Class lamps
Philips Hi-Brite
Philips MSD lamps
Philips MSR lamps
We can also help with other lighting consumables. If you need high-quality lighting gels and filters, we stock a vast range of colours from industry recognised manufacturers including LEE, LEE HT and Rosco Supergel. These are accurately consistent from batch to batch, long-lasting and dependable. Every filter is checked against a scientifically generated set of parameters. We can supply polarizing filters, filter packs and lighting masking foils. All filters and gels are available as sheets or rolls. We also supply Duracell Industrial batteries, formerly known as Duracell Procell, which are packed and designed for wholesale and professional trade customers. Types stocked include AA, AAA, C, D and PP3 batteries.

We can offer a one stop shop for all your Stage Lighting requirements. Our Range of Stage And Studio Lamps, Lighting Gel filters and Duracell batteries are available within 24 to 48 hours from receipt of order. Customers looking for a same day collection are welcome to visit us at our Trade Counter which is open between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm. Please check stocks prior to arrival.

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