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Philips Photocrescenta 240v 75w BC

PF603 B/51 P3/3

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Philips Photocrescenta 240v 75w BC enarger lamp. P3/3B 240v 75 watt PF603 BC-B22mm (standard bayonet cap) Photocresenta photographic lamp. Used in professional photography applications. Offers up to 100hrs life. 1150 lumens. Also known as PF603.

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Philips Photocrescenta 240v 75w BC. Type PF603 B/51 – P3/3. Photocrescenta lamps have an internal white coating, which emits diffused, very uniform light at high luminous output. Lamp manufactured by Philips and Photolux.

Finish/Colour : Opal
Rated Average Life : 100 hours
Length : 108mm
Diameter : 60mm

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