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Bulb for Wellis UV-C system

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Bulb for Wellis UV-C system

  • This 15 watt ultraviolet bulb is used in Wellis UV-C Stainless Steel disinfection systems.
  • It emits high intensity uv-c light at a wavelength of 254nm which effectively disinfects the water in your spa.
  • This uv lamp should be replaced after 9000 hours or one year of continuous use because the uv light output will diminish quickly after this time. Hence the lamp may still light but it will not be effective at disinfecting your spa.
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Bulb for Wellis UV-C system

Power – 15 watts

Length – 303mm

Base – 4 pins.

Wavelength – 254nm

Used for Water Disinfection

This is a premium quality lamp manufacured in the EU by Lightech.

Part Numbers – Wellis / Phybris ACM0930 (replaces ACM0624)


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