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£19.95 ex VAT

Lamp – GPH212T5L/4.

Type – Ultraviolet / Germicidal.

Length – 212 mm.

Power Output – 10 watts.

Base – 4 pins.

Life – 9000 hours.

Availability – In Stock.

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1-5 £19.95
6-10 £19.45
11+ £18.95


The GPH212T5L/4 is a ultraviolet or germicidal lamp. They emit high intensity uv-c light at a wave length of 254nm. They are used in air purification and water disinfection systems.

This lamp is also known as :

GPH212T5L/4 HA

GPH212T5L/4 LT


This lamp should be replaced every 9,000 hours to ensure maximum disinfection. This is approximately 12 months of continuous service.

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