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£19.95 ex VAT

Type – Ultraviolet / Germicidal.

Length – 287 mm.

Base – 4 pins.

Output – 14 watts.

Life – 9000 hours.

Availability – In Stock.

Quantity discounts
1-5 £19.95
6-10 £19.45
11+ £18.95


The GPH287T5l/4 ultraviolet lamp is used in air and water disinfection systems. They emit UV-C light at a wave length of 254nm which eliminates 99.9% of micro organisms. Common applications include Air Conditioning Units, Aquaculture and Private Water Systems i.e. Borehole, Spring and Well Water treatment.

Also known as :

  • GPH287T5L/4 HA
  • GPH287T5L/4 LT
  • GPH287T5L/LS/14W

This lamp should be replaced every 9,000 hours or 12 months to ensure maximum disinfection. After this time, the amount of useful uv light emitted will decline.

We can also supply a UV Lamp Ballast for this lamp. Please see below.

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