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What is a uv quartz sleeve ?

A quartz sleeve is a transparent glass tube that acts as a barrier between the uv lamp, water flow and the electricity supply. They are made from quartz glass which is specially designed to transmit uv-c light which inactivates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 

How to clean a uv quartz sleeve?

Quartz sleeves should be carefully cleaned with a cloth soaked in CLR which is a household cleaning product used for removing calcium, lime, and iron oxide deposits. Alternatively, a mild cleaning agent such as vinegar can be used to good effect. After this process, the quartz sleeve should be rinsed with water. It is essential that the quartz sleeve is as clean and transparent as possible because the uv-c or germicidal light from the lamp cannot penetrate the glass if it’s discoloured or has any contaminant buildup. 

How often should I clean the quartz sleeve ? 

We recommend thorough cleaning and maintenance of the quartz sleeve every 12 months at the same time as you replace your ultraviolet lamp. However, in some areas, depending on the quality of the water, you may have to remove the quartz sleeve with greater frequency ie every 4 or 6 months. In areas of hard water, calcium and magnesium may cause scale deposits on the sleeve. 

How often should I replace the quartz sleeve ?

Generally, after 24 months the quartz sleeve should be replaced as no amount of cleaning will sufficiently restore it’s transparency. After time, the glass inevitably becomes discoloured with mineral deposits and the uv-c light will not be able penetrate the glass sleeve or disinfect the water effectively. 

How do I handle a quartz sleeve ?

Please note when cleaning a quartz sleeve use protective gloves and a soft cloth and be extremely careful and gentle when handling. Quartz sleeves are very fragile and can scratch, break or chip very easily. The thickness of the glass wall on most sleeves is only 1.5mm thick. Hence, the slightest tap or knock will damage them and render the sleeve unusable and ineffective. We recommend replacing the O ring / s on your quartz sleeve at the same time.

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