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UV-C lamps emit high-intensity uv light at a wavelength of 253.7nm and are very effective at killing harmful germs and bacteria. Because of this, they are also often referred to as ‘germicidal lamps’. Now more than ever, we are all well aware of the risk of contracting and spreading viruses and bacteria in public places. As a known disinfectant for air, surfaces, objects and water, UV-C lamps have been used extensively for over 40 years in residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare settings.

What are the benefits of a UV-C Lamp?

  • Environmentally Friendly – They offer a safe and non toxic method of disinfection with no ozone emissions during or after use. There is no need for the use of harsh chemicals which are often used in cleaning and sanitization products.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality – Using uv-c lamps improves indoor air quality by getting rid of airborne microorganisms which are easily and effectively inactivated. They can prevent asthma and allergy symptoms like rashes, eye irritations, headaches, fatigue and many other consequences of poor indoor air quality. They can even help you avoid illnesses, like colds or the flu, by eliminating viruses and bacteria. They’re especially helpful for people who have weakened immune systems from other health issues. Commonly used in hospitals, schools, offices, industry, (food) retail and museums.
  • Clean and Disinfected Water –  UV-C lamps can be used to disinfect water in a wide variety of applications including residential drinking water supplies, wastewater, process water, swimming pools and pond uv systems. High intensity germicidal light deactivates 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms and hence offer maximum security of disinfection.

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We hope that this blog has been useful and factual. ELC are specialist suppliers of Philips and Osram UV-C and germicidal lamps. They provide almost constant uv-c output over the useful lifetime of the lamp – ideal for highly effective sterilisation and purification. We supply uv-c lamps for homes, businesses, hospitals, GPs, schools, and much more.

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